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Steph Curry’s MVP Case

Stephen Curry might be having the best season of his career from a statistical point of view, and several NBA experts are including the star point guard as a “darkhorse” in the MVP race for the 2020-21 NBA season. However, as good as he has been all year long, Curry doesn’t really belong on that list — even if he ends up leading The Association in points per game once it’s all said and done in a few more weeks.

The stats are pretty and make a strong case for Curry’s case as a legitimate MVP candidate, though. Entering Wednesday’s play, Curry ranks second in the league in scoring with 31.2 points per game, only trailing Bradley Beal, who’s averaging 31.4 points per contest. However, Curry’s game in the last few weeks has elevated to new heights and he’s averaging 37.7 points per game during the current month while shooting 52.7 percent from the field and 47.6 percent from three-point range over that stretch. Those are MVP-caliber numbers … if they were from an entire season and not just a 14-game stretch. You can bring out the birthday decorations because it is time to celebrate!

However, the game is not all about numbers. If that were to be the case, shouldn’t Russell Westbrook be the leader in the MVP race instead considering he is on his way to average a triple-double for the fourth time over the last five seasons? And what Bradley Beal, who’s battling toe-to-toe with Curry for the scoring title? Yet, neither is being included in the race — or at the very least, they’re not ranked as high as Curry is by some outlets. Check this out from our friends. Even start filling up the birthday balloons because he should win MVP right now

The situation regarding the Golden State Warriors needs to be addressed as well. It would be one thing if the Warriors were in the race to earn a playoff berth or, at least, a high seed in the Western Conference given how bad they were last year. However, the Warriors are coming off a massive loss against the Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday and sit at an even .500 (31-31) with roughly 10 games to play in the schedule. They’re barely hanging in the race for a play-in tournament at the moment. Although recently the Warriors have been a one of the best they just haven’t been able to play a high level throughout this season.

Curry could make a strong case for the MVP award if the Warriors were playing better. There’s no doubt he deserves credit for coming back as strong as he has done after missing almost all of last season due to injury, but that can’t be enough to have him as an MVP. LeBron James has done similar things with the Los Angeles Lakers (look at how poor the Lakers have been without him) and even the Cleveland Cavaliers in the past, yet he didn’t win the Award on a yearly basis. Keep the cake in the fridge and don’t blow out the birthday candles yet, because this isn’t over!

All things considered, Curry has been excellent this season — even outstanding if in search of a more precise adjective. But an MVP? Not at all. His chances of winning the Award are close to zero and, truth be told, he shouldn’t even be part of the race this season.

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