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NBA DFS Playoff Matchups To Target: Eastern Conference

If the NBA postseason were to start tomorrow, which players would have an edge against their opponent? We’ll breakdown a few matchups to target and hammer in the first round of the playoffs. Keep in mind that these standings are subject to change if Adam Silver decides to finish a portion of the regular-season. Take advantage of a sportsbook bonus if you want to get in on DFS or sports betting action in the NBA. Don’t forget that BetQL also has you covered for winning picks against the spread on all NBA games. Every game in the bubble BetQL has picks for you

Kyle Lowry – #2 Toronto Raptors vs. #7 Brooklyn Nets
The Toronto Raptors have needed a larger output from Kyle Lowry after losing Kawhi Leonard in free agency. The point guard has averaged 19.7 points per contest, compared to 14.2 points in 2019. As the leader of the team, Lowry will be leaned on heavily in the postseason.

Caris LeVert and Kyrie Irving figure to spend the most time guarding Lowry. LeVert (108.5) and Irving’s (113.1) defensive ratings are awful. On top of that, they both allow 7.6 second-chance points per contest. The stats just keep getting worse, as LeVert’s defended field goal rate sits at 47.8 percent and Irving’s sits at 45.7 percent.

LeVert who is an NBA public betting favorite, has some height on Lowry, but the Toronto point guard is crafty and uses his weight to his advantage. Lowry should be salivating at the chance to school Irving. The clip of Irving telling Kobe Bryant that “you have to guard” when talking about a one-on-one battle at a team USA practice still rings laughter across the basketball world to this day.

Domantas Sabonis – #5 Indiana Pacers @ #4 Miami Heat
The 6’11”, 240-pound Lithuanian is in for a big series if the Indiana Pacers face off with the Miami Heat. Playing nearly 35 minutes per contest, the workload is constant. Sure, Sabonis isn’t exactly a sleeper at this juncture, but he is also not exactly one of the top NBA picks. With a 6’6”, 210-pound Derrick Jones Jr. set to defend Sabonis, this could end up lop-sided.

Miami is already undersized overall. With a 6’9” starting center in Bam Adebayo, they’re definitely a smaller bunch. Myles Turner has enjoyed lingering around the three-point line this season, which could open more opportunities for Sabonis to rack up some easy offensive boards and second-chance points on Jones Jr.

Jones Jr.’s 110.1 defensive rating isn’t particularly pretty. His offensive rebound rate of 4.6 percent and defensive rebound rate of 11.8 percent are far from Sabonis’ 8.9 percent offensive rebound rate and 26.2 percent defensive rebound rate. Expect Sabonis to see a slight spike in his rebounds per game (12.4) and points per game (18.5) against this smaller Miami squad.

Eric Bledsoe – #1 Milwaukee Bucks vs. #8 Orlando Magic
Here’s a matchup that is as juicy as ever. Just be aware that the Milwaukee Bucks could destroy the Orlando Magic, making starters like Eric Bledsoe play less than normal minutes. This is one of those match ups you need keep an eye on the halftime odds, because this game could be over at half. Still, Bledsoe will have guys like Markelle Fultz (110.0 defensive rating) and James Enis III (109.8 defensive rating) roaming the court with him.

Bledsoe is a beefy, experienced guard that should dominate a young player like Fultz. Ennis III is allowing a defended field goal rate of 50.2 percent! Fultz isn’t much better at 48.5 percent. Even if the bench were to help in from time to time, the smaller D.J. Augustine and offensive-minded Terrence Ross aren’t going to help.

Bledsoe could take over in this series and boost his 15.4 points per contest. As a team, Orlando isn’t terrible defensively; however, they’ll be spending all their time worrying about Giannis Antetokounmpo. Bledsoe’s 113.0 offensive rating is tied for second-best on the Bucks this season.

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