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NBA Day 2 Preview

The NBA is officially back and we couldn’t be happier. We hope everyone had a profitable day with their DFS lineups and NBA bets, but if you didn’t we are here to help you for Day 2! We only got 2 games last night but starting today the games ramp up and we will get about six games a day until the middle of August, Christmas has officially come early. See a preview of some of our favorite games for Day 2 in the Orlando bubble.

Suns vs. Wizards
This is a true game for our NBA bettors, as the lowly Suns take on the even more lowly Wizards. Eyeballs will be on this game because there is actually a pretty big spread in play. The Suns have everything to play for including a playoff spot, while the Wizards are trying their best to get back to the golf course. If you are going to bet this game read our friend’s at BetQL’s Suns vs. Wizards prediction and you will have a better idea of who may win / cover in this match up. If you are a DFS guy we recommend snagging Booker, we have a feeling he will pop off.

Remember if you are watching, betting, and playing these NBA bubble games make sure you check out BetQL’s free picks for everyday. BetQL has free NBA picks that come straight form their NBA model.

Rockets vs. Mavericks
The Rockets vs Mavs is one of our highlights for the day because we will see how the Rockets no center line up fares against one of the biggest centers in the league. Two big questions around the Mavs big man in this match up, who in the world is going to guard Boban, and who in the world is Boban going to guard. Two very different styles here but we do have a close spread and some bonified superstars playing. If you are looking for data on this game to help decide who you want to bet take a look at BetQL’s Rockets Mavericks prediction to see everything you need to make an informed bet.

Celtics vs. Bucks
We could have an Eastern Conference finals match up on our hands when the Celtics take on the Bucks. Two of the deepest teams are facing off here on the second day of bubble action and we are considering our selves lucky here. Can Giannis power through the Celtics, and will their cast of three point shooters be able to shoot at a high percentage? On the other hand will anyone on the Celtics be able to stop The Greek Freak? Read this Celtics Bucks prediction to find out who you should bet in this match up, and start building that bankroll

Nets vs Magic
Another game that is circled on every bettors calendar is this Nets vs Magic game. Similar to our Suns vs Wizards match up this is a game where one team cares a whole lot and the other team doesn’t care much at all. The Nets will be missing almost their entire starting lineup from the regular season so we find it hard to believe they can keep up with the Magic. Read this Magic vs Nets prediction to see if the experts think the Magic will be able to cover the spread.

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