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How Daily Fantasy Soccer Scoring Works

Get ready for DFS soccer because the Bundesliga is coming back! The German professional soccer league will be one of the first sports to come back, but the first real opportunity to play DFS. Below you will find the DFS rules to soccer and if sports betting is more your speed you can find the best Bundesliga predictions from our friends at AccuScore. To bet these games with free money you can check out the sportsbook offers from local books near you to bet for free!

DraftKings Goalkeeper

Saves 2
Goal Conceded -2
Clean Sheet 5
Win 5
Penalty Kick Save 3
Shootout Save 1.5

FanDuel Goalkeeper

Saves 3
Goals Against -2.5
Clean Sheet 10
Win Bonus 7


You can roster one goalkeeper per lineup. This is a fairly straight up position, as you’ll want to pick a keeper that is able to rack up a clean sheet (zero goals allowed) and pick up the win to get you a ton of points. Picking teams that are going against weaker offenses can help you achieve this, or you could select a team that’s prowess is on the defensive side. The least shot attempts, the better your odds to make good on the total between a clean sheet and a win.

An alternative route is to pick a goalkeeper that will be fairly active. You’ll get points for every save and could have an opportunity for an even larger output. Unfortunately, if your goalkeeper were to allow some goals and fail to win the game, then you won’t receive the points for a clean sheet, nor will you receive the points for a win. You’ll be in a large hole against your opponent if they end up with a keeper that wins with a shutout.

Penalty kick saves can score you big points as well on DraftKings. Don’t be so worried about this stat, as it’s pretty random. You’ll want to select a solid goalkeeper, as it’s arguably the most important position in DFS.

DraftKings All Players (Forward, Midfielder, Defender, Goalkeeper)

Goal 10
Assist 6
Shot 1
Shot On Goal 1
Crosses 0.7 (via corner kick, open play, and set pieces)
Assisted Shot 1
Accurate Pass 0.02
Fouls Drawn 1
Fouls Conceded -0.5
Tackle Won 1
Passes Intercepted (F, M, D) 0.5
Yellow Card -1.5
Red Card -3
Clean Sheet (D) 3
Shootout Goal 1.5
Shootout Miss -1

FanDuel (Forward, Midfielder, Defender)

Goals Scored 15
Assists 7
Shots On Goal 5
Chances Created 3
Tackles 1.3
Clearances 1.3
Interceptions 1.3
Blocked Shots 1.3
Clean Sheets (D) 5


Duties for defenders on teams may differ. Your defensive players will earn points for a shutout, close to what the goalkeeper position would earn for a clean sheet. This means that the team is as valuable as the individual for this particular scoring. Think carefully before selecting your two defenders, as some will constantly linger back, while others will assume more of a midfielder role and could be involved in some deep crosses and assist opportunities.

FanDuel will give your defenders points for clearances and blocked shots, so a defender that’s constantly hanging back will benefit in this format. Still, will clean sheets offering solid points, you’ll want a defender on a solid defensive team, even with a great keeper.


Players at this position come at a wide variety. As mentioned in the defenders section, you’ll want to make sure you know what you’re getting into with roles on teams. One midfielder may hang back and be more of a defensive-minded mid. Another may be heavily involved in scoring and generating offense.

The midfielders that contribute to scoring should be the most targeted. An assist will give you plenty of points. Even if someone misses a shot from your midfielder’s pass, you’ll get point (FanDuel – chances created, DraftKings – assisted shot). It doesn’t hurt to have a mid that is up with the forwards and in the action, as they could draw penalties and even attempt some shots on goal.

The midfielders that are taking shots on goal tend to be more valuable than ones that specialize as wingers that will contribute to crosses (DraftKings – 0.7 points) and the occasional assist. Offensive-minded is the way to go here.


Here’s one of the easier positions to pick in DFS. Scoring goals is what you’re after here, plain and simple. Look for forwards that get plenty of shots on goal per game. In fact, a shot on goal will count as a shot and a shot on goal in DraftKings scoring.

You’ll want to check which forwards are table setters and which are dominating the shot attempts. Also, see which forwards are taking penalty kicks (DraftKings only). This is an easy way to rack up your score with a goal going for a massive 10 points. Don’t make this position too complicating. Look at the game-by-game stats, check out the opposing defense, and lock it in!

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