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Bundesliga To Return On May 16th

The German Soccer League known as Bundesliga is set to return on May 16th to complete their season. Germany’s government gave the league the right of way to complete the season that typically runs from August until May. By starting up on May 16th, the league figures to finish the season by June 30th. If you are new to the league and want to figure out who your new squad is check out this article on How to pick a Bundesliga team. You will be a fan of the “Federal League” in no time.

Bundesliga returns after just two months of suspension. Despite it being a season that covers nine months, there’s just 34 games in a Bundesliga season. They play primarily on weekends. The majority of teams are currently 25 games through the season.

Eighteen teams round out the Bundesliga league. The defending champions, Bayern Munich, are in first place with 55 points. They’ve gone 17-4-4 this season and have outscored opponents 73-to-26, easily the largest goal differential. If you are going to take a crack at either DFS or betting these games and need a little help take a look at some Bundesliga predictions for each week of the season.

It’s worth noting that there were previous plans for a two-week quarantine ahead of a resumed season. This was to ensure players, trainers, and coaches were cleared of the coronavirus and recovered, but chancellor Angela Merkel states that this will not be necessary. In fact, the testing has been fairly regular there.

It’s critical that Bundesliga finishes their season by the end of June, as players’ contracts are set to expire afterward. The league is doing what they can with testing. Players will be tested once a week, the day before games, or twice a week in the case of midweek games. If a player tests positive, then they will be quarantined for 14 days.

It’s possible that the league will allow for five substitutes each match, as players may deal with fatigue more than they normally would this time of year. It has been mentioned that 300 people will be allowed into each stadium. Players will drive alone to games to minimize larger gatherings in smaller spaces. Commissioners and league executives for all sports will have their sights on Bundesliga and will attempt to emulate their protocol if they’re successful. Let’s hope this goes smoothly!

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