DFSR_FinalVers2 (1)RotoQL is proud to present it’s partnership with Daily Fantasy Sports Rankings. You can access and use DFSR’s MLB projections directly within RotoQL’s app.
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About DFSR

  • Since 2013, DFSR has been an industry leader when it comes to forecasting individual player performance for individual games. DFSR’s founding team has been involved in sports wagering since 2004.
  • Their models look past widely used team based statistics to get down to the individual level, providing up to the minute guidance as to how players’ performances will change on a game to game basis.
  • Curious to learn more? Visit the DFSR website or email their CEO, James Davis.

How It Works

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    DFSR projections are updated each night after the last slate for that night has run. Updates occur up until 7pm EST -- sometimes as much as 20 times a day.

  • 2

    For injuries and breaking news, DFSR reacts to them as quickly as possible.

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    When injuries and breaking news occur, DFSR redistributes minutes and shots according to on-court/off-court usage data, where available.reflected in opposing team totals as well).