Meet Saahil Sud

(formerly Maxdalury)

RotoQL, Co-founder | Chief Product Officer

Saahil (formerly Maxdalury), the worlds’s #1 ranked DFS players, launched RotoQL to help players develop unique strategies based on their own goals and risk profiles.


Saahil's DFS Tenets



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Saahil’s DFS Tenets

While there are many ways to excel at DFS, most strategies share a common set of principles. Learn more at RotoQL University .

  • Information Process

    Define a system that synthesizes DFS info into a few key metrics.

  • Process vs Results

    Knowing why you lose/win is more critical than the result itself.

  • Risk Management

    Avoiding unnecessary risk is just as important as picking the right players.

  • Scale Success

    You need a platform to scale winning formulas and systems.

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